Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hippies Groovy But The Occupiers Far Out?? (Part 1)

It was true! I saw it myself! No one was trying to stop it, even the police! Rumours had been circulating around the town to the effect, but I had to verify it myself.  The date was August 7, 1970  and over 100,000 hippie people had invaded our town, population 8,500.  The event was "Strawberry Fields" rock concert being held at Mosport race track, in the heart of Ontario. Our community from the 401 was the quickest link to the venue.  Ours was pretty much the only place one could pick up supplies---groceries and bar type alcoholic beverages. I can still visualize the store shelves bare and empty. 

The hippie people had bought everything out! It was quite a surreal experience much like you'd imagine in a apocalyptic film, where the transport of goods have been stopped or disrupted from reaching the desperate in need. Sure we knew we'd be able to make the best of it and keep least for a few days. Our town would eventually be back to normal, but this was really something unique the hippie people were doing. As stated I heard about it but had to see it myself. Word had it that at the bottom of the dam, located right at the entrance of our town, THE HIPPIES WERE SWIMMING IN THE NUDE!!!    I scurried quickly to the dam only to find a large number of townspeople looking over the bridge.

Some had smiles on their faces and others had a profound look of shock. "There's something you don't see everyday!" I heard one say. I gazed down myself and yes, there they were swimming in the nude, not even wearing a stitch!   I pondered that for sure I really had something that would  stand out for a report for my "Dear Diary".  Many in the town didn't know what to think, not so much even about the peculiar escapades of these daring, let-it-all-hang-out souls, but more so concerning exactly just what was the underlying philosophy of these alien invaders. I heard through the grapevine that a few of our town's people even talked to them, and surprise, surprise--the verdict, and general consensus was that odd ones were actually nice.  IMAGINE THAT!  : ))

Part 2 of "Hippies Groovy But The Occupiers Far Out" ----> Coming Soon

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