Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Renaming Asteroids Gentle Kind Names

Nothing seems right about it! We have planets albeit a billion plus sizes larger than asteroid YU55, but considering however the potential impact this small and seemingly insignificant rock could have on our planet wouldn't one assume it should deserve a more interesting  better name then a designated code? Does YU55 seem impressive enough? I'd say not! Surely we could do better, considering that if 55 ever impacted the earth it would equal a 4,000 megaton explosion, or a 7.0 earthquake, or if hit on the water would create a 70 foot wave of wiping out who knows what. I'd contend the 55 isn't too comforting either for what would be the first thing on peoples mind if the said asteroid did pay us a visit. "Oh no!!" people would exclaim. "Now we've got to worry about 1 through to 54, and where will it all end?"

I say calm down the people. Could we maybe call asteroid YU55, "One And Only" or maybe "The Lone Wolf" ? How rare really are the events like the arrival of YU55? It's been suggested it has crossed our path at various times and has never been detected. Could more out there be doing the same? Perhaps it's not worth worrying about? Assessing the past the last time we had a suspected incident of a major comet/asteroid impact was in Siberia in Tunguska where an asteroid hit in 1908. It does seem however they've been few and far between and yet some aren't happy until they continually remind us that we still might be due.

I for one would like to believe that we might be ok although wouldn't it be prudent if we addressed potential future concerns? Outside of sending rockets to redirect their path, again I'd suggest various names they be labelled. Honestly now how many could really work themselves up into a frenzy of panic if the name of the approaching boulder/mountain was called, "Gentle Ben" or how about "Lovely Lucy"?  With names like that who  could possibly have concerns of these menacing celestial visitors? "Gently Ben" would be thought of as way too considerate, and wouldn't hurt a fly, and as for "Lovely Lucy" being so kind she'd never dream of destroying  humanity! There could be a possibility however there's of a side to them we'd never seen.  : ))

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