Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Emma's New Boyfriend?

On "Once Upon a Time"  I'm starting to wonder if the best guy for Emma would be Dr Hopper. He always liked talking to Dark Ones helping them find their conscious and tried not to turn against them and we know that Emma at least appreciated him....who knows....maybe in time that spark of appreciation can be fanned into the passion of love? Granted it might help if he started wearing a black leather jacket and threw away his umbrella and tried some of that eye liner stuff! It worked for Hook...maybe it will work for him too? Crazy? Perhaps but at least Emma wouldn't have to worry about Dr Hopper doing her in and threatening to kill her as Hook has done simply for the reason she made a mistake! Henry loves him as well and they've been friends for years!  Not only that but with an Archibald/Emma match up Henry could keep Pongo forever which I'm sure he'd consider a genuine happy ending! I betcha even Pongo would agree! LOL

Friday, November 13, 2015


Maybe ANTON the Giant from "Once Upon a Time"  has an idea that might help? In another time, another realm he along with others from Storybrooke, who at that time went by different names, were in quite a dilemma! They were 'LOST" on an island with no hope of rescue....supplies running out, food, water shelter, on top of that hidden enemies trying to do them in one at a time.Talk about frazzling the nerves of everyone ! Hurley, I mean ANTON quickly recognized all of their lives sucked!

He concluded there are times one must take their minds off the problem of the day...take a pause, just enjoy yourself! He built a golf course! It was rugged but... did the job. The leaders of their group thought he was crazy at first believing important things should take priority but after knocking a few balls on the course they soon discovered it had a soothing effect on their nerves enabling them to think clearly about the more pressing issues.

Maybe that's what Storybrooke needs? Everyone's nerves are shot except Zelena who thinks everything is funny. I say get them out on the course, heroes and villains alike and even the fans too! Everyone needs to chill! I mean just ask yourself if the Dark One Emma played 18 holes against Rumple...who would win? I'm sure Anton would have the support of Dr Hopper in promoting it as well! It'd be great to release some stress! Why wait for a happy ending? The time to have some fun is now!