Monday, July 11, 2016

Dear Lady Hillary and Kind Gentleman Trump

In A Galaxy Far Away but somewhat similar to our own  there were two politicians running against each other for the presidency of a great land...their names?  Hillary and Donald.  Hillary was the leader of the Republicans.....Donald was that of the  Democrats.  Yes I know....a reversal of what we know. A  nation on this world was split with an extremely difficult choice for the reason their favor-ability numbers were both so high. The land had an incredibly high regard for both . Dear Lady Hillary had the background of being the top CEO of a internet security company which produced software ensuring the web sites of governments or businesses could never be compromised or hacked and she provided  special  training herself for their clients on proper protocols in maintaining a secure system.

She was highly commended as well for choosing to run her political campaign spending the least amount possible but sending much of her excess money to charities that help the poor. She chose as well to use free media feeling she was setting an example of prudence in how she'd likewise use the tax dollars if elected as sparingly as possible. Her political opponent who was commonly referred to as "The Donald"  had built a financial empire as a motivational speaker, having penned such writings as "The Fair Deal" and " I've Got Lots of Friends and You Can Too!" He served as well as top CEO of "The Better Business Bureau" ensuring consumers would at all times be treated in a right and fair manner. 

Such was the the tough choice that the electorate had to face.....which one of these super great prospects would win the Presidency? Media outlets were extremely troubled. When the national television debates transpired how possibly could they have a sense of drama?  Both of them were categorized as being  just too nice! Without a certain measure of excitement or controversy the fear was that viewers would consider it a bore... thus turning it off. Surely the ratings would tank!   "The Donald" had already described Hillary as one of the most HONEST people he had ever known and Hillary as well had nothing but the best to say about him.  How therefore could Honest Hillary and True Blue Donald ever be interesting to watch?

Well the LIVE, National Wide debates began and yes their policies were different but as expected they treated each other with exceptional respect never interrupting each other and even acknowledging the others arguments were valid. Days later they came out with a joint statement that they were blending their policies into one much to the abhorrence of both of their respective parties. This did not go unanswered by the establishment of both the Dems and Repubs....the Repubs immediately ousted  Hillary and the Dems the Donald by the putting in of new rules.  That spurred both of them to jointly go ahead with an independent bid for the White House with both running together. Gentleman Donald insisted that Honest Hillary serve as the top of the ticket for the first term and he'd take the second. Ladies before Gentlemen was Donald's  stalwart position.

 Their political opponents sought to marginalize them being too whitey two shoes; weak because of their non-aggressive style. Much to their surprise however the party of get along, Hillary and Donald WON! They took a second term as well winning well over 70% of the vote!  It goes without saying they became the most beloved political figures of the land and even their world. There became no bounds as to the honors bestowed upon each but I'll mention here at least two. A year of so after their presidencies a sculptor by the name of Leonardo working with the State of North Dakota (not South mind you) came up with a fitting way to honor them both. The idea was (which indeed was carried out) was to sculpt both of their facial images in the side of a hill. They'd also add the bust of  two other beloved  Presidents as well....Jim Carter and Rich Nixon. It was thought all four of them deserved a larger than life persona  to live on for perpetual generations. And so it was done.

The name of the Hill....Mount Rushless which many in the land came to refer it as "The Hill" giving further praise to Hillary. An even more distinguished  honor was to have the National Space Agency make an announcement they were going to have both Hillary's and Donald's  pictures and list of their achievements, including other things from the world as well contained in a time capsule on board an unmanned space probe to be sent out into the far reaches of space. It was decided the probes course would be in the direction of a star cluster known as "The Way Which Looks Milky". Telescopes had discovered in that sector a small blue/green planet encircling a small star....a place where it looks like intelligent life might someday develop or perhaps at least a measure of such.

 By sending out the best things the world had produced the feeling was it might serve to be an inspiration for similar Donalds and Hillarys to arise across the Universe!  Surely these two embodied the very definition of the terms exceptional and great! This led to a line spoken by many that Donald and Hillary were going to BOLDLY GO where no politicians have gone before! This was the dream of this world to take this message  across the galaxy! It goes without saying however the world which had the appearance of the  blue and green (which those who live there refer to as  Earth) when they found the probe and read it's contents the conclusion was made a Donald/Hillary coming together might not  universally be a good thing. They sent back the probe in the direction from whence it came with the inscription placed upon it....TO EACH HIS OWN! One thing that can be agreed regardless of what universe or galaxy they find themselves in...the Donalds and the Hillarys  BOLDLY GO where none have gone before!