Sunday, May 25, 2014

Feds Funny Food Price Position!

How utterly magnanimous of them! I saw a news clip the other day that the Feds are warning that food prices will probably be going up. What an insight! And aren't you so glad you've been told? How wonderful that they'd give us the heads up! It almost makes me wonder if they'll use this as an election item trying to demonstrate their unassailable wisdom that they were in the know during their watch and passed on to you the sad but vital information.

 Isn't the real truth of the matter that they themselves have been chiefly responsible for that very prices going up by continually devaluing the currency printing more money? Isn't that the meaning of government induced INFLATION? I'd suggest a less disingenuous thing for them to say might be, that because of our unwillingness to show restraint, we printed more money THUS your food prices will soar. There AIN'T no two ways about it! Yes I know, "AIN'T" isn't a word. Perhaps the government will tell me that too!

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