Saturday, May 3, 2014

Would You Like A Colourful Town?

How are you for colour or color depending on how you like it? Would you like your streets to look like the above? A little bit too much? Not your your cup of tea? As for me I could live with it and I think enjoy it. It'd certainly make something like walking down the street an interesting outing. For those buying real-estate what would be the requirements. Would it be that you couldn't change the colour of your house so as not to confuse people who'd used such colourful landmarks as a way to give directions?  What if you bought a orange house and decided you wanted to paint it blue? Would all of a town's citizens have to sign on to give you their blessings? What about traditionalists that might claim your house has been blue since 1919 so why bother to change it now? Others might opt for RED but might that be considered a colour insinuating too much passion?

A town could agree to paint everything just one colour so as not to create confusion and change it to another shade a few years down the road so as to demonstrate they're progressive not allowing themselves to be locked into the same old same old. Who knows? There was a town of Júzcar in southern Spain which agreed to paint every building blue for 'The Smurf Movie' and the film company provided the paint. Might this also be a way to create a career? Perhaps one could persuade a great many to multi-colour their street and you can offer them a special deal, 2 houses for the price of one.
 In considering the multi-coloured town I can only see one draw back...those who are genuinely colour blind. One couldn't give directions or receive them based on the shade of the bricks. How about a title for a novel, something akin to, "Murder at the Red House" or "Mystery on the Blue and Gloomy Street"? It sure wouldn't be considered a story with no colour. I say bring on the streets with many colours...and while you're at it put in the yellow brick road too! Perhaps it might make one feel they're living in the Emerald City! 
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