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My Thoughts on TV series LOST [2004-2010]

I felt LOST trying to come up with a subject for a blog...then thought why not one about LOST, that is the television series that ran from 2004-2010 ---at one time---the water cooler topic of the day. It gained quite a following but it's popularity began to wane not due in my opinion to any fault of the actors....they went to work and did their job...but no for two basic reasons...the network scheduling of the show left much to be desired as they gave it a rather long hiatus, and also the continual pre-empting of shows. I recall many saying to me through it's run that enough was enough! The second problem? The writing. Yes some might sing the writers praises however not I. I will acknowledge however the series had some good moments. There was a good diversity of characters and to watch how they'd experience interacting with each other was compelling to see.

 You had the highly professional and well educated physician, Jack Sheppard learning to relate to those of a more menial place in life---perhaps not economically so but true when it came to social class. Hurley for example was rich having won a lottery and yet intellectually a different class, plus other individuals as well...and yet they all learnt to get along and function as a community. One could say LOST, was similar to a Twilight Zone themed show...mysterious, mystical and unpredictable. In later seasons however you hardly knew if you were in the future of the LOST characters, the past, present or whether you were anywhere truly at all and all but the most faithful devotees gave up caring long before the series reached it's end.

Some might challenge me on that but clearly if one looks at a graph of it's ratings by the numbers of  Seasons 1-6 they obviously tell the tale. Season 1 and 2 peaked with numbers well over 20 million viewers, where as 3,4,5 and 6 saw a steady decline. Season 6 started with only 14 million then dropped into a cellar of only an average of 9...until the very last show which spiked yes, but only to 14 million and again for only that last one show. Such was a far cry from when they were pulling in over 20 million each episode . Sad really. The show wasn't what it could have been. A clear way to have improved it? I'd say if they had it as only a 3 years series  and not to have put in every strange, unusual and weird theme imaginable , keeping it a great deal more simple it would in my opinion have fared much better.

I'd say it this way, LOST was an overload of the strange. They should have left a little bit of fuel for some new type of mystical series a few years down the road. The idea of keeping dumping everything into it but the kitchen sink caused great disillusionment among fans. The cry was to give us closure as to the "Why" of LOST. None was forth coming until the very last episode and even that was vague. Anyone to suggest all things were made clear I'd contend they had to be smoking something other words they were confused but didn't know it much like the story of the Emperor with no clothes.

When it was suggested to Matthew Fox, Jack Sheppard by character, in an interview after the grand finalie if it wasn't true that he actually died in the plane, he responded by saying, "It's possible." Amusingly this goes contrary to what the majority of all the devotees to the series claim took place. I guess they knew more than him though. They weren't on the actual island like him so they could step back and see what they considered to be the bigger picture.
My rating? While I liked the actors, I give the series: 5 out of 10.
My Favourite Character: John Locke

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