Friday, May 23, 2014

Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign!

Will  resistance  be futile? Do you recall the day when advertising on the net was we see it entrenched on nearly everything we click. Apparently we haven't come even close to an end where the guardians of the net seek  to make a buck off of our tendency  to be apart of the click-on -world.  Picture the following future on your refrigerator, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses and watches just to name a few! Lets just say one of the giants in the computer online industry has sent a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commissions revealing that's what they'd like to do.

What will be next...soap ads as one turns on the tap to shower? How about 3 different commercials all about headache pills before the medicine cabinet will unlock allowing you to take your asprin?  Could a day come when a higher percentage of the tech assimilated will finally shout out, "Enough is enough! Shut it all off and let's go back to a simpler day that pioneers of a past generation would claim was less complicated and complex where one could actually have peace of mind especially seeing you'd have at least a few private moments!" Take heart! There might be a day where just entertaining the thought of privacy concerns you'll see an ad pop up suggesting 25 books on that very thing. Welcome to the future!

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