Monday, August 4, 2014

August Time Travel!!

Aug 1, 1774 - Joseph Priestley, English theologian and chemist author discovers oxygen. Hope he was using it before then though! :)
 Aug 2, 1894 - Death duties 1st introduced in Britain. Imagine someone refusing to pay! :))
Aug 3, 1492 - Columbus sets sail on his first voyage boldly going to who knows where.

Aug 4, 1862 US government collects its 1st income tax! I'm sure it'll be only temporary. :)

Aug 5, 1921, 1st radio baseball broadcast Pirates-8, Phillies-0. What an embarrassment to have ones loss broadcast for the 1st time.

Aug 6, 1937 - Indians overturn Yankees' 7-6 win by a protest! Changing an ump's decision: MIRACLE!

Aug 7, 1970,  1st computer chess tournament. May the best HAL win!

Aug 8th, 1709  1st known ascent in hot-air balloon. That's a step up closer to the giant leap of the Moon!

Aug 9th, 1859  Elevator patented. The first time stuck they really must have panicked!

Aug 10th, 1948 - Allen Funt's "Candid Camera" TV debut. Wonder if some got mad at the joke.

Aug 11th, 1885 -  $100,000 raised in US for pedestal for Statue of Liberty. Even Liberty needs something to stand on!

Aug 12th, 1492  Christopher Columbus arrives in the Canary Islands. Wonder if he heard the sweet sound of Canaries singing.

Aug 13th, 1960 - The first two-way conversation via satellite is undertaken using Echo 1. A great name for a satellite really ; ECHO.

To the Future--> Aug 14th, 2126  Comet Swift-Tuttle approaches close to Earth

Aug 15th, 1939 -"Wizard of Oz" premieres at Grauman's Chinese Theater. I'd love to have one of the Yellow Bricks from the road!

Aug 16th, 1955 - Fiat Motors orders 1st private atomic reactor! Really? An atomic reactor?

Aug 17th, 1891 - Electric self-starter for automobile patented. What bell and whistle will they think of next??

Aug 18th, 1926 - Weather map televised for 1st time. Finally you get to see weather from far above!

Aug 19th, 1967 - Beatles' "All You Need is Love," single goes #1. Betcha they didn't mind a little money as well!

Aug 20th, 1896 - Dial telephone patented. You ask, "What's a dial telephone?"

To the Near Future--> Aug 21st, 2017 - Next total solar eclipse visible from North America

Aug 22nd, 565 - St Columba reported seeing monster in Loch Ness! Do you think that's the same one there today??

Aug 23rd, 1924  - Mars' closest approach to Earth since 10th century. Would have been a great time for Martians to attack!

Aug 24th, 1853 - 1st potato chips prepared by Chef George Crum. You always have crums left when you eat them!

Aug 25th, 1910 - Yellow Cab is founded. Wonder if they tried other colors first.

Aug 26th, 1929  - 1st US roller coaster built. Probably wouldn't scare small kids today!

Aug 27th, 1955 - "Guinness Book of World Records" 1st published. Shame years before were missed. They probably broke records!

Aug 28th, 1963 - Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his "I have a dream speech" Creating a positive future!

Aug 29th, 1896  - Chop suey invented in NYC by chef of visiting Chinese Ambassador. Who would have thought...invented in America!

Aug 30th, 1922  - Babe Ruth  is thrown out of a game for 5th time in 1922. Hope he wasn't hurt when they threw him!

Aug 31st, 1955 - 1st sun-powered automobile demonstrated. I guess sun gong behind a cloud was a real downer.

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