Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Should Running Red Light Bus Driver Be Re-Hired?

Should a bus driver be fired who ran a red light? This was the question asked in my nearby city of Toronto on Sunday, August 2, 2014. Apparently through the week a driver for the Toronto Transit Commission did that very thing...but with somebody who just happened to be filming the incident with an I phone turned their direction. The citizen turned in the video to TTC headquarters and the driver, a female and mother of two children who hadn't served her probationary six months period on the job was fired. When the one taking the video discovered the driver was actually terminated he felt great remorse. His thinking was the driver might get a slap on the hand or suspension...but fired?

It upset him considerably that he sent it in and now wishes he hadn't. TTC bosses are now claiming they're inundated with calls asking the driver to be re-instated with a less of a penalty for her actions. Others claim they did the right thing in having her dismissed . My take on the issue? I'd think all things that actually occurred need weighed and considered. First it needs to be acknowledged by the driver that the infraction is no small thing.

If being caught by the police for committing this act one pays a hefty fine, and would subsequently lose demit points on their driving record. Looking at the bigger picture however if one were to show her mercy we could consider the facts...no one was hurt or injured. I'd say that should be the determining factor when it comes to the response by her employer. Yes it was wrong and reckless but as I say...thankfully  and most fortunately no harm was done. My judgement on the matter? Hire her back but give her a one week suspension. I'd think you'd probably not see a repeated offence.

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