Saturday, August 23, 2014

On A Roll To Buy a Roll (Of The The Toilet Paper Kind)

Have you ever noticed when you're in constant motion, without stop or delay how much easier it is to keep on going? You stop to break--and that's've lost your momentum. Driving home from work it came to my mind a number of items I needed at the store---one of which---bathroom tissue. Into the store I go...Bagels? Sounds good! Yogurt, cereal and milk? Splendid! Only problem though after arriving at home I found to my dismay I failed to pick up the very thing I meant to get! Toilet paper! "Later" said I. 'Have a rest and a sleep first!' And so I did!

Upon waking I cut the grass, watered the plants and a little bit of this and that, then said to my wife, "I'm on a roll! I'm in continual motion! Now I'm going to the store to pick up the elusive toilet paper!" She responds, "You're on a ROLL and you're going to get some ROLLS--of the toilet paper kind!" To the store I go once again adding a few extra items to the cart I missed my last visit  and lo and behold it wasn't long until I heard the desired "clunk" of a 12 ROLL package of toilet paper dropping into my cart! "Now" said I "Make sure you're ready"

I got out my wallet to find my card to pay...can't find it! Here I was on a ROLL and my dream of purchasing the long-sought-after-product will be thwarted yet again! Yes I was on a ROLL to pick up and purchase  ROLLS but how long could my enthusiasm to do so hold out? The only thing I felt at this time ROLLING was my enthusiasm going over a cliff! I check again...No not that card...nor that one...and then finally: BINGO!!! My payment card was hiding in a sleeve of my wallet! Lesson to be learned? Always remember before buying  ROLLS to ROLL around in your thinking beforehand if you have what it takes to pull this off.   If not you may have to ask the store to use their washroom and you may never be on a ROLL again!

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