Friday, August 1, 2014

Passport Rejected : Name Was Skywalker!

Just because you change your name to "Skywalker" doesn't necessarily mean 'The Force' will be there to see you through. Sadly this was the lesson learned by one, Laura Elizabeth Skywalker Matthews who had legally added the Skywalker name to her own. Apparently she has it on all of her other forms of identification--drivers licence, bank cards everything else too...but when trying to leave the UK her passport was rejected. It seems there was considerable concern by the passport officer that having a 'Skywalker' name might be a copyright violation.

One wonders why a government in particular should care. If Star Wars creators felt so inclined to bring out a bunch of Stormtrooper lawyers ...well that's them for that---but a passport guy?  Does this seem reasonable? I'd say not in this galaxy. She was informed she'd have to get her passport renewed using the name she used prior. Talk about something to make a Great Huge Chewbacca go berserk! Here's something else to consider as well---what about all who have the name of LUKE? Isn't there millions of them around the globe? Not therefore a copyright violation as well?   Maybe the Rebel Force can land with a Star Wars X-Wing craft and provide transport to this most innocent of a crime Skywalker and take her to her desired destination! She's been left in the lurch! Funny thing why "The Force" would let her down though.

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