Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet Details Of Early Life / Part 6

The school year finished off  and no sooner had I put my feet up to get  ready to enjoy  a nice two months summer break when the phone rings and much to my surprise it was one of my former teachers. I kid you not,  my first thought was that he was phoning  to inform me that they had made mistake in tailing  up the numbers to give me a passing grade to the next year!  After assuring me that was not the case he was quick to tell me what he had on his mind. 

Apparently he and two other teachers wanted to make a movie using one of my plays as a script.  He asked if I would agree and wondered if I'd be interested in playing, or could I say starring in one of the main roles?  Me,  a movie star,  imagine that! 

I enthusiastically  agreed but made a decision of the most steadfast quality that I would never allow fame and notoriety  to change me, no sir!  My friends would always be able to say  that it didn't turn my head!  I would always still be known as  'Down To Earth Bob'  and regardless of how many would be seeking autographs I'd make it my policy not to disappoint. 

Confident that I made sure my humility hadn't slipped, I wholeheartedly  agreed!  My play had been about the two renown French  explorers Radisson and Groseilliers  who traversed North America in 17th Century.  Being quite tall as I was in my last years of grade school I think I passed as a credible Radisson, wearing all the make up and buckskins and one of these teachers played Groseilliers.  It was a fun filled and adventurous day paddling a canoe down Indian River, near Peterborough, Ontario, playing the role of one of these brave and venturesome characters from the past. 

It was probably one the cheapest, low budget pictures ever made, filmed on their own home cameras, and to my knowledge was only shown once to the student body the following year before filing it  under G, but one thing I'll say is how much I appreciate  the kind and special gesture they undertook  seeking I'm sure to inspire and encourage me on to greater heights! 

I never did however become a writer, that is, not as a profession. I was fortunate to have I guess what some might consider a profitable type career of a different type and sort but now with the sun nearly setting on that, and with no intention to retire but rather to re-fire  I explore the possibility of asking the question, is it possible to recapture a long lost cherished dream of writing?  Some might say yes, and other no and we'll expand on this before you know it in Part 7 soon to arrive.


  1. I think you should go for it the sky is the limit. You're never too old that's for sure. Your teachers were letting you know your giftings and talent. Your writing has a genuine Bob Richards flare to it. So I say continue on 'till your dream becomes a reality. :)

  2. I remember while growing up that you always had a passion for reading and writing. Although, your talents have never led to a 'profession' you still have had a few successes in this venture. I recall you have written to Newspapers on more than one occasion you were published...that is a small step towards your goal!...Just think...when you retire you will have all the time you will need to expand on your talents. And like Mom said 'the sky is the limit'!!!