Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wilson From 'Cast Away' Discovered On Lonely Blog Island!


In 1950 Jimmy Stewart starred as  Elwood P. Dowd  in a film called, "Harvey,"  a fun filled, light hearted picture  about a man who talks to an invisible friend, a 6 foot rabbit by the name of which the film is entitled..."Harvey".   Only Elwood  could see him and the question of his family was should they allow him  to receive a serum  at a hospital to cease him  from experiencing what they consider to be  delusions.  IMDb rates the film, Harvey with a 8.1 out of 10 rating.  

Jimmy Stewart enjoyed the story immensely and beside the movie, did a six month long run of the play in London, England.  In more of the present era we see a very touching but more serious look at a similar type of  theme with the  Russell Crowe film, 'The Beautiful Mind'. In the Ron Howard film, 'Cast Away' we see an even different approach with Chuck Noland [Tom Hanks]  finding himself alone on a deserted island. 

While collecting debris from the plane from which he crashed he comes across  a brand new volley  ball  still as yet unpackaged, a product of the Wilson sporting goods company.  Chuck paints a face on the ball and acts as if it's his friend, calling him Wilson  talking and responding to it as if it's conversing with him.  The film became a hit, the Wilson volley ball became an icon, and arguably became the most well known ball  in the world. 

One reviewer stated it showed the incredible power of the imagination that an audience could actually be shedding tears, for an inanimate object, in this case, a ball. It is therefore my pleasure, for those who found themselves distraught over the demise of  Wilson that I can announce to you the following good news! 

Wilson has been found inflated and well!  I discovered him while exploring the shores of my lonely, blog island!  While he's quite shy and not much of a talker but I was able to procure from him his thoughts on various matters and was quite surprised with a new revelation concerning the 'Cast Away' story!  I'm confident that you'll find my exchange with him most interesting in my new two part series entitled, "Wilson From "Cast Away" Discovered On Lonely Blog Island!  I'm sure I don't  have to remind anyone what an incredibly well-rounded personality he has who's a lot of fun and a REAL BALL to be around!

Ok...If you come with me now I think you'll enjoy Part 1 of my conversation with Wilson-->Please Click on Link----->

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  1.'ve found him!!...I always wondered what ever happened to poor Wilson!!

    Looking forward to reading about your conversations with him!...make sure to secure him into a box or tether him to the Island..we surely don't need him slipping away to sea again...for that would be tragic!!!

  2. Ha! Well Becky I think he likes to be able to go where ever the wind rolls him at least around the island! Hope we never have to write a novel about him called, 'Gone With The Wind' lol