Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wilson From 'Cast Away' Discovered -- Part 2

You thought it must be a pretty barbaric culture that have  gymnasiums full of people who clap and get all excited every time you'd  get punched or spiked not to mention how rejected you'd  feel when the other side of the net would do a block to keep you from coming on their side? tell you the truth Wilson I don't think anyone has given this any serious thought.  You say that's no excuse, that people need to get on the ball, and start doing that very thing?  You say you should never have to be told the line that, "You need to have a thick skin!" and you have every reason in the world to be sensitive about abuse? 

Well....perhaps you're right....maybe we humans have been nothing but a bunch of air heads for not having thought about it.  You say don't speak of air heads in such a condescending way for that's what you are?  Oh gee Wilson....I'm sorry...really I am, and I sincerely hope you'll readily bounce back if I've offended you.  Concerning you however being subjected to the type of abuse  you speak, well....I hardly think so.  You've got to understand you're really the most famous ball of any sort in the world! 

You say that's all the more reason that someone might want to take a shot at you so they'd be able to boast they punched or hit the one and only Wilson, Chuck Noland's buddy?  And even if they didn't hit you, you just couldn't bear to see your fellow balls, as in other volleyballs or soccer ones abused on a daily basis?

I see....well you can stay on my blog island if you like and never go back to the bigger world, but I must tell you it's  my hope to want to bring  people  here.  I'm hoping some might want to stay all the time and participate on my blog, or others might just want to pop in periodically for a visit.

 I will however promise you this  that I won't allow any abusive  individuals who want to bully balls to set foot on this place! I'll even go as far to say that Rule No 1 is, NO PLAYING GAMES WITH WILSON OR USING HIM IN ANY AGGRESSIVE MANNER WHATSOEVER! 

You still have your doubts  it would work but you'll roll it around in your thinking?  Fair enough, I guess I can't ask for more then that.  Absolutely Wilson!  Sure we might allow an odd guest blogger to come on and talk with you.  Come to think of it maybe  even Tom Hanks might come ashore to do so!   Who's he?  Well you might say he's a very good friend of Chuck Noland's  and I'm sure he's a great fan of yours too!

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