Monday, October 25, 2010

Wilson From 'Cast Away' Discovered --- Part 1

I can't believe it!  Wilson....Wilson!  This is really incredible!  You're Wilson from "Cast Away" and you're here on my lonely blog island!  Nobody is going to believe it and I'm not even sure I should but....HERE YOU ARE!  Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined  I'd meet you!  Wow!  Let me just say what an honour and privilege it is to make your acquaintance.  Sure, I'm picking up on your thinking....I guess the same way Chuck did.  The last thing I recall  you fell off of his raft and were considered lost at sea!    

Quite frankly I think everybody  assumed you were a goner!  You're right!  Why should anyone  think it strange that you wouldn't have survived and perhaps made it to some island shore?  Yes, that's true you do float....I don't know Wilson...I guess it was just assumed the ocean is....well...just so big and vast that it was thought your fate was forever lost. 

Oh yes Chuck eventually was rescued.  After finding him, was there a search party sent out to find you?  Well....I really can't answer that...but let me tell you knowing how fond Chuck was of you I'm sure there probably was.  You do recall how he jumped in the water  to save you?  Well yes, he did have to give up and let you go lest he drown but let me tell you he balled like a baby for hours  after loosing you. 

Eventually some cargo ship did happen to notice him and brought him on board.   No, he and Kelli never really did get back together although they did meet and had a talk.  Sad for Chuck but she had moved on and had married another .....can't say I blame her though....she thought for sure he was dead. What do you mean you've been feeling guilty all these years?  Why would you possibly feel that?   You can't be serious!  You're saying when you fell off that raft with Chuck it wasn't an accident? 

You're saying you nudged yourself off on purpose and that you wanted to go back to the island?  What do you mean you were afraid?  Afraid of what?    I see.  You  had heard while you were a brand new ball still in the package what happens to soccer and volley balls, not to mention base balls that every day they're punched, hit or kicked and you feel it's grossly unfair?  You feel for a culture that prides itself on being civilized and enlightened it still has a long way to go and you wonder how sane it really is?

The above was Part 1...I hope you don't want to miss Part 2 of my conversation with Wilson---Please Click On Link--->

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  1. LOL Dad..that's just too cute!!...Looking forward to seeing the rest!