Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sweet Details Of Early Life / Part 7

I had been a moderator of a pretty well known international web site, which is I guess is rather a moot point for what's not  international?  A moderators responsibility is to maintain a certain basic sense of order and respect and by far such is the desire of the greatest majority wanting the same.  

A small percentage however do not and are commonly referred to as trolls.  Every internet site has at least a few of them regardless of how good it might be, just like no matter how classy and splendid a fine restaurant  is, you'll always discover  one or two flies  buzzing around,  irritating the patrons.

Is that apart of Murphy's law that you must have something to cause problems?  To get to the point,  a troll made the charge that the moderators didn't have a sense of humour!  I had a real belly laugh over that,  for my very policy for overcoming being upset  about such a charge is to take everything with a grain of salt but also with the very thing they claimed we didn't have....ASOH.  Now look,  I well appreciate what ASOH appears to look like but if you examine it more carefully I can assure you you'll see it's a abbreviation for  [A Sense Of Humour] 

A couple of more chuckles rose up deep from within me as I considered what they said. I was confident there was at least some that didn't share their opinion.  My family for one and might I suggest one US Presidential contender  who years ago read I believe,  a few of my humour ideas, on how shall I put it, on another one of them  international internet  sites, concerning some humour pieces i'd use in his campaign. 

Imagine how shocked and stunned I was to see  my recommendations carried out to the letter on television  commercials a few weeks later!  You say that claim provides you a belly laugh and you'd conclude I must be kidding, pulling your leg and joking around as well?

Ah, but even that would demonstrate, would it not that I have ASOH?  [A Sense Of Humour]  I would sincerely and genuinely  hope so!   I would never want to leave the impression that I always come across as too cerebral as I might have in my 'Early Life' series. Tomorrow I'll make it a day for not being serious at all,  or perhaps I'll pick the opposite.   Maybe that's really the answer to the problem, when it comes to establishing a humour/serious balance  and that is to  consider one day to be a 'Joke Around Day'  but the following  for more serious matters, you might say splitting it up 50/50.

 Keeping balanced is a tricky thing but if you regulate it by the hours on the clock then you're going to have the right mix for sure! One problem could be saying something and be totally serious and the other is thinking they're joking, or they may be joking and the other would consider they're serious which would lead to the problem of the other, never quite knowing the day!   Problem solved!

 If one day they  wear a cap stamped with a JA which stands for joking around, and the next day wear an S cap which stands for being more serious, wouldn't that keep things in line?  Do you think maybe the United Nations should create a law to make it so?    If nothing they say can ever be taken too seriously despite the fact that they think it should,  we give them a D cap which stands for Dunce, Deluded or Dummy that way nobody can get  mislead, misguided or  confused. 

Not meaning to boast or to blow my own horn but to come up with this particular solution I suspect there might be at least some who might think I should be wearing an S cap . Not that I'm being totally serious but maybe just a little bit smart!  Have A Nice Day And Please Don't Forget To Wear Your Caps!
 End Of Early Life Series


  1. Hmmmm maybe the JA cap... well what ever the cap I know it will be awsome...just like this post was. Looking forward to your next series. :)

  2. Job well done on this series Dad!...Looking forward to your next! :-)