Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Got To Be A Dream! [Part 1]

'No this can't be real!  It's got to be a dream!' I exclaimed to my wife as we sat in a theatre awaiting to see INCEPTION...the film about dreams.  Could it be that in reality I was in a deep sleep and my thought of taking my wife to this place , I had entertained  the notion  the night before? Was I  in reality right now in bed....asleep? 

I gave myself the supreme test to ascertain whether this was the case, that being, do I recall how we arrived?  Isn't that usually the way of dreams, that you never can quite recall how you got  where you are?  [a line from Inception]

  Well....after giving it only a passing thought-yes I did remember.  I distinctly recalled the three streets we drove down to arrive,  buying our tickets, popping into one of the many eating establishments for a quick bite, and rushing back to ensure we'd get the best seats in the house.

To our way of thinking they're the two in the middle of the back row.  We were disappointed however to find that another couple had claimed them for themselves! 

Well, more people begain to file in, until the place was comfortably full.  It was then I noticed something quite peculiar and I mentioned to my wife, "You know," I say, 'This is pretty neat!  Look at the general age of the crowd! The greatest percentage of them are of the baby boomer generation 50 or over, not in totality but generally speaking.' 

I went on to point out how wonderful it is that people of an older age group are looking like they want to stay current,, in what the younger age demographics like to see.  I would have thought that most who'd want to see a  DiCapreo  film would be around 40 years or younger and looking around I hardly could even notice one present. 

Very strange but I now had a new appreciation,  and I was beaming with pride towards people of my own demographics for now it seemed the younger types couldn't keep up to us!  It is we who enjoyed the fast moving thrillers and where are the younger ones?  Maybe in a deep sleep and need awoken to the fact  that a great movie like this is playing?      :)

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