Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wake Up Call To See The Dream Movie....INCEPTION ! [Part 2]

Continuation From Part One

In the bigger picture of things, lets say even with the developing or evolving of nations there comes at times when a doing and accomplishing of certain things need to be done.  Yes on occasions there is a breaking of laws but can't it be deemed necessary at times to create a just society?  One might consider even American Independence from the Brits. Who were the bad guys in that scenario?  Did any of them really exist?

 Perhaps in similar fashion one can feel empathy with Cobb and his dream teams goals. I found the story line of Cobb's departed wife to likewise raise questions that need considered. Do we live in a world, even now, which many would rather choose the illusionary, as compared to the more substantial perimeters of reality?

Cobb's wife chose the make believe, and indeed became confused as to which was which.  How many in present culture actually have succumbed  to being absorbed or assimilated into the cyber space of internet game videos, living as a full time participant with almost real life avatars in the world of their choosing. Cobb wanted the real world and ultimately wanted to get back home, out of the dream,  and one is pretty much led to believe he achieved it....BUT DID HE? 

The movie ends with a delightful spin which makes one wonder.   Or could it be the many viewers of the film,  are merely dreaming themselves that he did?  In conclusion, I'd rate this film a 10 out of 10 for the extraordinary movie going experience it was, great acting, and spectacular special effects.  I would hope one thing however, that a sequel will never be done.

Admittedly I'm not too much of a fan of such and with INCEPTION i'd fear the wonderful dream it created would begin to crumble, with a second or third sequel, or for those who viewed the film, on the second or third level down into the dream.  If you've seen the film you know my meaning but  if not I hope my piece serves as a wake up call inspiring you to view  it.  I can pretty much guarantee, you won't  feel sleepy even though you're in the dream!  

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