Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Got To Be A Dream ! [Part 2]

The previews of other films after another after another and I thought, I'm going to go to sleep!  Sleep? I did come to enter into the dream of INCEPTION  however and if this was the way to get there  I'll take the preview sedatives! There came a break and I knew this was it!  The images on the screen reminded all to turn their cell phones off, and I thought here we go! Some  sweet music introduced the film, and much to my utter astonishment I  see appear in the middle of the screen the word, 'HEREAFTER'  Hearafter I wondered!  Hearafter what!?!  This can't be real!!!  This must be a dream!!!! 

Really though I knew the truth.  The girl at the desk must have pushed the wrong button concerning our requested movie  and oddly enough I had stated it to her twice.  No, I wasn't overly upset  for I can appreciate mistakes can happen and perhaps I should have checked the ticket stubs to make sure but....what were we to do?   I considered that if we got up and went into the other theatre we could get into the Inception dream but what sort of seats would be left?  Surely they'd probably be right at the front row with a huge screen enveloping ones whole being, and I didn't care to get into the dream that deeply.

I then remembered that I had the day prior read the reviews concerning this  'Hereafter' film and the consensus was that it wasn't too bad, and I had considered  wanting to see it.   We stayed with that plan.  My quick review?   It was  OK, although I truly didn't think Matt Damon came across well in the part. It won't win any  awards but  I don't think Clint Eastwood who directed and produced it had that in mind.  His primary goal of this project  I would say, was  to produce a piece dealing with the issue of death and  the afterlife, a film basically to generate discussion.  

He can be applauded for perhaps having achieved this goal.  We went home having enjoyed our evening but the next day I did make a polite phone call to the manager of the theatre to inform him what occurred. He apologised  and offered us two free tickets to see INCEPTION.  This was like a dream come true, I was hoping that he'd allow me at least one free ticket and we'd pay for the other,  seeing we did enjoy the  film of the night before but he wanted to give me both.  If one thinks about these words I guess it could be said that we got to see, INCEPTION,  in some future time or state, or in ....."THE HEREAFTER".

OK now. Would you like to see what I thought about "Inception"? Click on link, 


  1. Well it turned out to be a blessing. We were able to see two movies and go out twice for dinner. That's quite alright with me :)

  2. I look forward to seeing this movie. Thanks for the heads-up. Matt Damon has not been a disappointment in any of the films I've seen. I thought the Rainmaker was excellent and had a good storyline.

  3. Thanks for your comments Hugh. Yes Matt Damon since 1988 has had a quite a full career of work always available so he definitely has been well received. I see he'll be starring in a remake of the John Wayne film 'True Grit' which might be interesting to see.

  4. I love Matt Damon and really want to see the movie. Only problem is I need to travel almost 80 km to the closest cinema! The joys of living in the country side :)

  5. Hi Hostel...I'm sure we who live in towns or cities take for granted a simple thing like being able to go to the movies. As you say people out in the country don't have that same privilege. Here's hoping whatever films you ever do get to see well be a memorable experience. :)