Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wake Up Call To See The Dream Movie....INCEPTION ! [Part 1]

Time for me to wake up and share my thoughts on having seen INCEPTION,  which could rightly be called the movie of dreams!  DREAMS....Didn't Leonardo DiCaprio, one time before have great success as an actor by boarding a Ship Of Dreams, Titanic--- and now a movie about Dreams?  The basic theme of INCEPTION is concerning  a team of individuals who see their goal as to sway the  mindset of a particular individual to carry out a certain agenda he wasn't beforehand inclined to do--or something like that! :)    

The way of so doing is via the way of entering the subjects dreams, and have him conditioned to believe the implanted thought his own. I'm sure many would feel it  most unfortunate that Mr Cobb, [Leonardo DiCaprio] and his dream team weren't around a few years back. Perhaps they could have  conditioned  the  minds of cooperative  heads, of say mega corps like Wal-Mart, subtlety persuading such into the adopting of business plans which would leave the small, mom and pop shops, to solely provide for local clientele. 

Understanding this, then you capture the main idea of INCEPTION.  This raises a myriad of questions as it relates to situation ethics.  Is every issue always black and white? Are the bad guys totally and absolutely  bad in everything they do,  or are the good guys truly that good after all? Is it many times merely a matter of opinion?  Even Cobb acknowledged to his side kick, Ariadne [Ellen Page] that what what they were up to was not strictly legal. Can it reach a point however where it's deemed justifiably right to take certain questionable actions for the common good? 

[Those who stay awake for the next 72 hours I'll reward the right to read Part 2 ! Then again maybe I'm dreaming anyone would do so.  Here's a plan,  go to sleep, but set the alarm for three days up ahead and let that awaken  you to the realization that my INCEPTION piece, Part 2 has now been posted!  See you on the other side of the sleep and above all...Sweet Dreams!  

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  1. I have not see this yet...I will do so and then maybe I'll chime in with some of my own thoughts!

  2. i've seen this and its AMAZING!!!!!!! I LOVE ITAND I LOVE LEONARDO DI CAPRIO!!! Xxxx