Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Canadian Coffee Problems

What am I stirred up about? Coffee! I mean Canadian coffee or rather buying coffee from what's known as the most successful coffee chain in the country...Tim Hortons. If you've followed the latest news, and most likely you've been aware of it a long time....Tim Horton's plus not to mention many other same type businesses have had the practise of employing temporary foreign workers. [TFW'S]What that essentially means it's  taking jobs away from Canadians and in my opinion exploiting TFW'S and paying them a non liveable wage. Apparently this has come front and centre as a news item simply for the reason the Canadian government is wanting to cut the allowable numbers down from about 30% to 10%. Apparently the CEO from Tim Horton's has expressed his concern. It's top executive says Canada’s recent crackdown on hiring temporary foreign workers must be flexible if the nation’s biggest coffee merchant is to remain fully staffed.
He takes it a step further even suggesting by not allowing TW's they can't promise to deliver quality service. It's been also claimed that customers will experience slower service and also an increase of incorrect orders. What? Canadians are mentally deficient not capable of keeping things in line when it comes to who gets what through the window? Really? And how can their top CEO not consider he's just declared one of the most counterproductive statements when it comes to their business ever uttered by a spokesman from any firm? Here in my opinion is what he's really saying. In regard to claiming Canadians are prone to get orders wrong I'd consider as a most amazing gaffe probably not believed by even he himself.  When it comes to  TW's making for service not being as slow this could be due to his thought they're feeling a great many Canadians, which I've read from insiders, tend to phone in stating they're not coming to work plus also a fast turnover rate of people quitting, yes also requiring continual retraining.
Feel sorry for the poor firm? Hardly! They underpay their workers not giving them a liveable wage and wonder why things don't exactly go so well. But here's the kicker....the business model of Conservative type economics has been "let the markets decide!" The argument even against unions or a minimum wage has been if you don't pay your employees sufficient you'll have a hard time keeping them...pay them well and save on retraining costs. NOT SO with the plan of certain current leaders of business. It seems apparent they insist on paying bottom of the barrel wages and be totally immune from any repercussions in the market place. The market that is those who should be considered the legitimate participants to function therein, with the FTW program have no influence to affect change. None! Zippo! Doesn't it really seem that they're saying they want their slaves and they want them with no strings attached? One exec from of Timmies, from a small town in British Columbia wrote a very nice piece seeking to justify the FTW's program suggested that without it they just can't staff their shops. http://www.johnprince.ca/wpblog/tim-hortons-owners-speak-2013-12-23/
I'm sure that means though if you look at the pay stubs of the TW's you'll see they're at least on a minimum wage level?? Do you think?? I'm not sure they're not but I'll leave you to decide. Meanwhile be safe! If you're still wanting to support as many say with glee, "Timmies" if you even suspect the worker is Canadian  you might want to double check your order....Tim Hortons management seem to think you should. Double-double? Doubly offensive I'd say!

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  1. It's all about the bottom line and the biggest bucks for the companies, isn't it? It sure isn't anything to do with caring about providing good service or decent treatment of staff. Time to rename Timbits - Timtwits.

  2. Very true Bill. I think they've lost sight of the give-back-to-the-community idea. I'm thinking concerning them it's more like, "Gimme, gimme, gimme! My name is Timmies!"