Monday, July 21, 2014

Me, Me, Me, Me, I And Mine (Part 2)

One can cite so many examples of how so many are only about "Me, Me, Me, Me, I And Mine". My wife and I recently took a trip to one of our country's beautiful northern Ontario towns. We enjoyed our stay immensely although there can always be some small something that works away to steal your contentment. Our hotel had created a nice scenic park in the back with picnic tables, a couple of barbeques plus  four very nice comfortable Muskoka chairs all for the guests to use. We arrived early for check in and saw the four chairs in the hotel park. Some time later I look out the window and see only two where there once was four. I walk outside and discover a guest  had taken two of them of out of the park entirely and put them beside their sliding glass doors adjacent to their room.

I thought, how wonderful and how very considerate. How they could possibly consider it fair to any degree that they'd  view it their right to use  those chairs exclusively for themselves? What about all the other guests? They don't get the enjoyment of using the Muskokas as well?  GUESS NOT.   Maybe therefore that's what it was about with them...ME, ME, ME, ME, I AND MINE. A few days later we were back in our home city and while driving into a parking lot noticed a car parked way over the lines which to my way of thinking they did on purpose. Always nice to have two spots instead of one.   I almost was tempted to leave a note on their window asking, "You wouldn't happen to be related to the guy who took the chairs?" Perhaps the mysterious question would make them wonder forever.

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