Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Robot Fans In The Stands!

In order to boost up enthusiasm a South Korean baseball team known as the Hanwha Eagles, who have lost over 400 games, have made use of robots to fill up the stands. They can shout, raise their hands and lift up light panels which put out encouraging messages to the team down below. No more do the players have to hear to the boos of it's home town crowd, and neither do the few fans that do attend have any concerns about finding a parking spot. The robots are a permanent feature in the seats. Perhaps it's a win-win situation? Could other sport franchises use the same approach? If the robots are considered too costly for other teams to employ they might consider the option of using dummies....or manikins. True they maybe couldn't do as much as the robots. but keep in mind a losing team wouldn't expect to hear much cheering anyway.

I'd think this might be good for one of the professional NHL hockey teams close to me in the city of Toronto..."The Maple Leafs " They  seldom ever make the playoffs....perhaps robotic fans would be good for them too!   Than again I'm not sure they'd need them. They already have real life dummies of the human type who sell out the stadium every game regardless, even though they've been a loosing team for years. With that type of devotion who needs fake dummies?  As technology improves it might be good if the robots can actually replace some of the real life players. Yes let the real living players take the seats where the robots once sat. If they can't score real goals perhaps some of these humans can demonstrate by giving moral support to automation they may never have to work out again. Talk about an easy go!  :)

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