Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Have you ever noticed how through the many years what a great over play there's been on what's defined as the profane term, "Son-Of-A-B" ??? See there? To state what the "B" word is I've chosen to spare you the offense...Regardless...You know what it means.  I got to thinking however just how very unfair it is, that is to the Son-Of-A-No-Good-Lady  or the son of a woman of the evening. A lady of the evening? Let me put it this way....it's another way of saying prostitute. "B" can also mean a female dog. Two things not fair. Why should the female be the one portrayed as the not so good? What about the individuals that sought her out? How come it's not, "You-Son-Of-A-Sleazy-Patroniser!" Women's Lib? Where are you when needed? Let's start a movement!
And then the son of the said individual....why should he or she be made to feel less of their existence as compared to the son or daughter of a really nice individual? Consider that you might far rather be in association with the "Son-Of-a-B" then the "Son-of-the-Nice-Wonderful-Individual" Because they're nice and wonderful you can well appreciate is no sign they'll ever be!! LOL Yes I'm calling for a TOTAL END to the "Son-Of-A-B" term. Yes I know...some have tried to take away the offence by substituting the word "GUN" for "B" but where's the sense in that?? You Son-Of-A-Gun?? I SAY IT'S TIME TO STOP BLAMING THE SON OF ANYONE!!   :))
Humor Note: I felt inspired to do the silly piece above while watching a television drama police show. They kept using the term, "Son-Of-A-B" and I thought about it wondering just why such a term gained such a wide spread use.

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